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At King’s Lynn Arts Centre we are committed to embedding environmental sustainability at the heart of our business, both in our own ethos and in our commercial interactions externally. As an organization we intend to raise awareness in our audience and to lead by example so as to evidence sustainability to unlock new funding sources.
We are now looking for new volunteers who are willing to give their time in the KLACT garden to recreate this colourful and peaceful space that visitors will be able to enjoy this summer!
KLACT received Social European Funding for its new project based on textile!

This project is supported by TCHC.
On Friday 13 February a group of West Norfolk Young People embarked on an exciting visit led by by King’s Lynn Arts Centre’s Assistant Director, Elise Prosniewski, to Adfir - a host organisation in Réunion. The project was funded by Erasmus +. The Arts Centre has applied for funding for a return visit to King’s Lynn in August.

Liam Briscoe, King’s Lynn Arts Centre’s European & Education Awareness Intern, is providing us with a daily blog detailing the ten day trip.
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Post-war Hungarian Ceramics
From the Graham Cooley Collection

02.05.2015 - 20.06.2015
This exhibition showcases artworks by five contemporary artists, all of whom have been specially commissioned by the Norfolk 2000 project to respond to the theme of historical immigration to Norfolk over the past 2000 years.
23.05.2015 - 30.05.2015
This award – nominated Canadian show is based on the true story of the artist’s mother!

The Origin of Species..., tells the incredible story of how Darwin came to discover the secrets of evolution and why it took him over twenty years to pluck up the courage to publish his remarkable idea.
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